How long does Pointe Shoe Shellac take to dry?

It depends on how many coats you use, the more coats applied the longer it will take, but approximately it takes 20 minutes to fully dry. It's recommended to make sure the inside of your shoe is completely dry before you put on your pointe shoes.

The Pointe Shoe Shellac has separated, is this normal?

Yes! Just give it a good shake before you use it!

Where do I put the Pointe Shoe Shellac on my shoes?

It's recommended that you put the shellac inside the box of your shoes. You can also shellac the tip as long as your pointe shoe does not contain a sponge pad in the box. The shellac can also be used on and around your shank if you're needing more arch or metatarsal support. 

How many coats of Pointe Shoe Shellac should I use?

This is a personal preference, depending on how hard you like your shoes to be. It's recommended to use 1-3 coats of shellac, but it’s ok to experiment to see what your preference is. It helps to make sure each layer is smooth and evenly applied.

How often should I shellac my shoes?

It depends how often you dance on pointe and how quickly your shoes die. You can shellac your shoes whenever you're feeling that you're needing more support.

Can I apply it to the outside of my shoe?
It’s not recommended to apply it externally to the shoe as it will make the surface hard with less traction. It can be spot applied in small sections to the  shank if needed.
Should I put Pointe Shoe Shellac in the fridge?
No, room temperature is the best for shellac.
Can I use Pointe Shoe Shellac on a polymer pointe shoes?
No. Only use Pointe Shoe Shellac on shoes made from organic materials.
What if it spills on my skin?
Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water or use an alcohol wipe.
What if it spills on a surface?
Alcohol is the best solvent for shellac.
How long will Pointe Shoe Shellac last?
Pointe Shoe Shellac has a shelf life of 1-3 years.