Kate Griffler
Photo Credits: Maria Panina


My life as a dancer in NYC is extremely busy!  I find myself running to class, rehearsals, teaching, and going to work- leaving me little time to take care of my pointe shoes which always seem to be dying faster than I can keep up with. I find when I transport glue to harden my shoes, it can make a huge mess in my dance bag as the lids are never secure enough. I've burned holes in my clothes from glue and find that it can really sting my eyes if I get too close.  I also find that I can't control how the glue comes out of the bottles and I've ruined shoes when trying to apply glue too quickly to shoes before class.

Once I found shellac, I was in love! I love the feel and support shellac offers, and love that it's way less toxic than glue. After months of experimenting with different sources of shellac, applicators and bottles, and after working with two different manufactures, I'm so excited that the final product is finally here! Pointe Shoe Shellac includes a 5" applicator wand, contoured sponge tip, and a more elegant design.

My hope is that this product makes the lives of dancers a bit more convenient as it has for me and that it will keep us all on our toes longer!